Business development isn’t a unique activity.  What is unique is how we do it.  It starts here!

Step 1:  The Magazine:  An unprecedented first, The Introducer Magazine is an instantly interactive tool to achieve high-profile connections. You’ll meet extraordinary leaders in their fields…innovators, advocates, negotiators, diplomats, and executives we call game changers creating big impact with their work. You’ll not only know who they are and what they do but, more importantly, you’ll know who they want to meet…and that’s the purpose of the publication – to facilitate opportunities for meaningful connections to expand the impact of those whose goals are impact-oriented.

Each edition of the magazine adds opportunities to the pipeline.  That pipeline involves the work of our team:  Mary Kurek, the Publisher/Editor of The Introducer, Manager of The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation, and the owner of Frontrunners Development, Inc. (the umbrella over the previously mentioned) and her partners at Living Learning & Working, Inc. (global consortium of social impact leaders).

As described by game-changer, Tory Cenaj, Founder/Publisher of Blockchain in Healthcare Today and Telehealth & Medicine TodayThe Introducer is a web-based networking publication focused on curated, and uniquely vetted social impact professionals who have proven to have extraordinary talents, networks, and resources to meet the goal of facilitating impact-focused solutions and growth around the globe. Game-changers bring domain expertise in verticals such as healthcare, sustainability, smart cities, agriculture, education, finance, diversity/inclusion, climate change, power generation, and more.”

Step 2:  Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation (where the magic happens): 

Those game-changers from The Introducer Magazine (along with those who pay for the privilege of being in this curated network of innovators and experts) make up The Frontrunners League.  Our team, including our partners, look for connections where we can see serious business potential. When we do (and we do all of the time, but especially when a new edition of the magazine is released), we vet out the possibilities, exchange business information between people, set up a call, and facilitate that call and every call until the communication reaches a result.  We even instigate projects where we see possibilities, like a health tech hub and education program in Africa.

Below are just some of what our members have been experiencing:   

  • Three business development contracts were issued from our partners, Living, Learning, & Working directly to Frontrunners

    GoX Labs’ wearable for diabetes patients aimed at predicting A1c levels.

    League members during the first year of the League.  Two more contracts were submitted in the second year.

  • A member with a health tech innovation was connected to 3 other members for clinical trials.  With our help, he won a major innovation lab award and has partnerships with known corporations to advance his progress to market.
  • Collaboratively, with our partners at Living, Learning & Working, we are working on several projects in education, entrepreneurship, and agriculture in Africa with our partner at the Sub Saharan Open University, headquartered in Nigeria.
  • A League member in the UK has secured a contract with a program in Kenya to conduct educational services.
  • A League member connected us to an investment group interested in another country’s education system. We were able to connect that person to another League member who is a former leader of education in that country’s government (Featured in the Education edition of The Introducer).  They met the following week in person. Opportunity progressing.
  • Frontrunners League partnered with a member on her “Breaking Chains” movement to eradicate human trafficking globally.  Our

    Dr. Osita Aniemeka, Founder, Sub Saharan Open University and partner on African programs to benefit youth and economic development

    introductions to several leaders in the space and survivors have garnered her several good fundraising and campaign resources.

  • A League member from Africa was reunited with someone we featured as a stakeholder in the magazine over a commonality in healthcare. The conversation turned up an opportunity to provide work on a healthcare project together that will breathe life into a now-empty clinical space in Africa.
  • A member with a disaster relief product received two orders of 100 units each as a result of her inclusion in The Disaster Readiness and Relief special edition of The Introducer.

  • League members from The Women Leaders in Blockchain edition of The Introducer started self-organizing before the edition went live. We have been facilitating regular calls between them with results including collaborations, invitations to provide content for books, the formation of a think tank, and sharing of conferences and speaking engagements for in-person meetups.
  • The Introducer Magazine partnered with one of our Women Leaders in Blockchain members to provide media assistance on her highly successful Converge2Accelerate conference held in Boston 2019.  Additionally, we are serving as host facilitator for her Blockchain Ambassador calls.
  • A member who is connected to IBM’s blockchain team and working on a distributed ledger project in education was connected to the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation regarding workforce preparedness efforts.
  • A member with a unique 3d printer gets awarded one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company Awards thanks to our assistance.
  • A member gets an interview with a corporate pharma innovation lab based directly on information provided in The Real Value of Health Tech edition of The Introducer.
  • A member hires another member to help him run a business annex.
  • A member gets a collaborative arrangement for his online organizational platform in beta.
  • We assisted a member to secure a deal to provide fundraising assistance for a major UK-based charity.

    The Introducer’s featured game changers are selected by the team, but, if you have a referral, please share that by sending an email to

    If, however, you’d like to join The Frontrunners League, we welcome your serious interest.  We are invitation-only, but, we welcome you to send your inquiry to our Communications Director, Annie Moon at and visit

    We invite new members based on business development possibilities we can see.  When you reach out, please share your Linkedin profile link.  Here’s our Linkedin page.