An unprecedented first, The Introducer Magazine is an instantly interactive tool to achieve high-profile connections. You’ll meet extraordinary leaders in their fields…innovators, advocates, negotiators, diplomats, and executives we call game changers creating big impact with their work. You’ll not only know who they are and what they do but, more importantly, you’ll know who they want to meet…and that’s the purpose of the publication – to facilitate opportunities for meaningful connections to expand the impact of those whose goals are impact-oriented. The magazine and the archive are available on this site.

As described by game changer Tory Cenaj… “The Introducer is a web-based networking publication focused on curated, and uniquely vetted social impact professionals who have proven to have extraordinary talents, networks, and resources to meet the goal of facilitating impact-focused solutions and growth around the globe. Game changers bring domain expertise in verticals such as healthcare, sustainability, smart cities, agriculture, power generation, and more.”

Publication Notes:

The Introducer was first published in the Fall of 2017 and after the first year, instead of counting subscribers, we decided to measure the value of the publication not in how many eyeballs were checking it out (readers from 136 countries), but in the quality and diversity of connections across the globe that were happening.  Our publication is aimed at results.  Here are just a few details on how The Introducer is making an impact:

  • 3 game changers offered contracts with a global social impact consortium over a 6-month period
  • A distribution deal was secured for a medical device innovator who was a featured game changer
  • 2 game changers were introduced that put into play the potential for significant investment in an entire country’s education system
  • 2 game changers introduced a business facilitator for Africa to us which created an opportunity for a trip to Africa to promote deals for other game changers’ innovations around clean drinking water, telemedicine, and medical devices.
  • Every game changer featured in the edition on “Women Leaders in Blockchain” started self-organizing before the edition was even released to create connections.  We are now facilitating monthly conference calls for them and developing opportunities for further collaboration.  The group has decided to form a blockchain think tank. 
  • A youth development program was designed to fit the mission of The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Network to be incorporated into programming within their launch to 80 hubs within universities in 20 countries (2019).  Game changers who are also *Frontrunners League members will have a supporting role in this program. (*The Frontrunners League is the companion network to The Introducer.  Game changers featured in the publication, as well as others who fit the purpose, make up the League.  The League has a business partnership with the global impact consortium, Living, Learning, & Working (LLW).  The League serves as the pool of resources from which LLW draws upon to complete contracts and expand solutions in the US and other countries.)

Featured Game changers …are invited to be spotlighted by the editorial staff, however, suggestions are welcome. (No guarantees on inclusion.) Please submit your suggestions by sending their Linkedin profiles to

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